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At the Cape Academy of Guiding Services, we train learners to excel at becoming knowledgeable, professional tourist guides.

We strive to help each candidate reach their ultimate goal to become a tourist-guide who can make a difference. Tourist guides are the ambassadors of South Africa’s tourism industry.

They are often the first, and invariably the last, person that tourists come into contact with and are therefore responsible for creating lasting impressions and fond memories of the country. Join one of our courses to become a Cathsseta registered tour guide – Live the dream!

First Aid Course

Our course covers all the theoretical and practical knowledge and required to become an outstanding tourist guide. Each learner receives individual and personalized attention of our subject-matter experts, preparing them for their tasks and assessments. Learners are provided with a handbook, course content notes, integrated training and career guidance.
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Guide Education

By law, all tourist guides are required to have completed a level one first aid course, which must be renewed every three years. First Aid Level 1 Training is for persons required to assess the emergency situation and providing basic Life Support and basic First Aid in order to stabilise patients prior to the arrival of Emergency Services
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Deat Registration

Tour guides are required to register every 3 years with DEAT in Cape Town. The following are required: A certificate of competence from the Cape Academy of Guiding Services Cathsseta, certificate First Aid Certificate, Four colour ID photographs.
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"Every destination is a story waiting to be told. As a tourist guide student, you have the power to weave narratives that ignite wanderlust in every traveler you encounter."

How Important is Tourism to the South African Ecomomy?

Tourism plays a significant role in the South African economy, contributing both directly and indirectly to economic growth, job creation, and development. Here are several key points highlighting the importance of tourism to South Africa:

  1. Economic Contribution: Tourism is a major contributor to South Africa's GDP (Gross Domestic Product). It generates revenue through various channels such as accommodation, transportation, food and beverage services, attractions, and entertainment.

  2. Employment Opportunities: The tourism industry provides employment opportunities for a wide range of people, including hotel staff, tour guides, transportation operators, artisans, and service providers. This sector offers jobs not only in urban areas but also in rural and remote regions, thus helping to alleviate unemployment and poverty.

  3. Foreign Exchange Earnings: Tourism brings in foreign currency through spending by international visitors. This revenue is essential for balancing the country's trade deficit and strengthening the national currency.

  4. Promotion of Cultural Heritage: South Africa's diverse cultures, wildlife, landscapes, and historical sites attract tourists from all over the world. Tourism plays a crucial role in preserving and promoting the country's cultural heritage, traditions, and natural resources.

  5. Infrastructure Development: The growth of tourism often leads to investments in infrastructure such as airports, roads, hotels, and recreational facilities. These developments not only benefit tourists but also improve the overall quality of life for local residents.

  6. Support for Small Businesses: Tourism provides opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to thrive, including craft markets, souvenir shops, family-owned restaurants, and eco-tourism ventures. These businesses contribute to local economies and community development.

  7. Multiplier Effect: The impact of tourism extends beyond direct spending, as it stimulates demand for goods and services across various sectors of the economy. This multiplier effect can bolster economic growth in both urban and rural areas.

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